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Balmoral Tanks

Balmoral Tanks is a leading design and manufacturing company that provides unique turnkey services spanning civils groundwork, tank design and manufacture, installation, pipework, commissioning and technical after sales services.

Producing what is believed to be the most comprehensive range of tank products from a single source, civil engineering, firefighting, potable/non-potable water, anaerobic digestion, wastewater, desalination and drainage are key sectors for the company.

Customer focus is a recognised value at Balmoral Tanks. It's not aspirational, it is real, and every team member understands its meaning and how they can positively influence it.

Balmoral Tanks is not just another tanks company.

Why choose Balmoral Tanks?

At Balmoral Tanks, customer focus is a recognised value. It's not aspirational, it is real and every member of the team understands its meaning and more importantly, how they can positively influence it. Customer focus is an ‘attitude’ which permeates the organisation.

To ensure this mind-set is sustained a number of initiatives have been put in place. A range of customer-driven key performance indicators are measured regularly while a weekly service level score is generated from every part of the business and shared across the company.

These internal service performances are cross referenced via Balmoral Tanks’ innovative customer programme known as ‘Net Promoter Scoring’. This initiative allows regular monitoring of important and added-value solutions being delivered to customers.

Additionally, the Balmoral ‘Big Team’ concept operates to a set of core values and standards that reinforce the company’s customer promise and ensure all team members understand how important their contribution is.

This level of customer care, complemented by unrivalled manufacturing assets, leading industry personnel and effective management sets Balmoral Tanks apart in the global water industry. To put it another way, Balmoral Tanks is not just another tanks company.

Balmoral Tanks, Llantrisant

Balmoral Tanks, Llantrisant

Balmoral Tanks, Thurnscoe

Balmoral Tanks, Thurnscoe

Design capability

Balmoral Tanks design capability

Balmoral Tanks benefits from being part of Balmoral Group Holdings Ltd and the huge support infrastructure that offers. The group is also a supplier of subsea buoyancy, elastomer and insulation products to the global deepwater oil and gas industry.

It is this depth of expertise, particularly in reference to epoxy-coated and in-situ concrete products, that differentiates Balmoral’s engineering and design teams from any other tank manufacturer in the world.

The company’s design team is always happy to advise clients on the best options for their project and by having such a wide product portfolio substantial savings are frequently made by choosing the correct product for the job.

The vast majority of Balmoral Tanks’ products are accredited and approved by numerous agencies: BSI, BAFSA, FM Approvals, British Water and WRAS to name but a few. In gaining these accreditations Balmoral has raised the integrity and standards of the tank industry around the world.

Project management

With 50 years’ experience in managing the design, manufacture and installation of liquid storage and treatment products - using the latest management tools and standards - Balmoral Tanks’ management team works closely with clients to deliver on time and on budget.

The company trains its projects team to recognised global competency standards to address the growing management requirements from order placement through to delivery and installation.

Balmoral Tanks design capability

International expertise

Balmoral Tanks international expertise

Balmoral operates in the global market and has a dedicated export team servicing the ever-changing requirements of the water, wastewater and processing sectors.

Balmoral tanks are successfully supplied and installed around the world. The company’s design and manufacturing teams work with international clients ensuring local requirements are fulfilled in line with appropriate national and international standards.

Balmoral’s industry-leading experience will help you manage your project wherever you are based or wherever your project is taking place.

Company values

The values described below apply to employee relationships with all customers – whether that is within Balmoral Tanks or with the company’s highly valued client base.

Customer focus Leading and working together as a team to deliver high quality products on time at the best possible price with no surprises
Respect Treating clients and colleagues as we wish to be treated ourselves, with respect and decency
Integrity Reliability, flexibility, honesty, openness and fairness. Supporting clients and colleagues at all times with a focus on the common end goal
Accountability Being proactive in setting and achieving objectives. Taking responsibility in one’s role and enhancing the company reputation at all times
Innovation A commitment to the company’s philosophy of innovation, continuous improvement and clear communication, internally and externally
Motivation Maintaining a focus on aligning efforts and energy to achieve common goals, ie, successful projects. Constantly seeking to add value
Balmoral Tanks staff

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