Water tank inspection service

Full ROV inspection from £549 per tank

If you have responsibility for your organisation’s water storage and/or fire protection systems, do you service and ensure all related equipment is functioning correctly? Failure to carry out regular inspections can lead to catastrophic consequences.

Full ROV inspection from £549 per tank

Annual survey service

Following your tank’s warranty period, we can provide a fully comprehensive survey service, including internal Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) inspection, for as little as £549. And this applies to any tank, not just Balmoral products.

With fully trained operatives carrying out these surveys, supported by follow-up video and documentation reports, you can ensure your staff and customers remain safe, your insurance remains valid and you minimise potential loss of revenues.

It is your duty to protect your business, your premises and your customers. Contact us today to arrange a site visit.

We will provide

An affordable scheduled annual inspection scheme
A full survey including internal ROV inspection
A comprehensive documentation and visual survey report
Fully trained dedicated tank inspection operatives
Tank inspection
Tank inspection
Tank inspection
Tank inspection



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