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During 2018, Balmoral Tanks expanded into the pipework arena with the acquisition of Servomac Ltd, the Chesterfield-based pipework specialist. The company supplies, fabricates, installs and tests pipework systems complemented by the installation of associated mechanical equipment.

Balmoral Tanks are specialists in a full range of stainless steel pipework along with nominal bore carbon steel, fusion bonded epoxy coated carbon steel, ductile iron, galvanised and plastic pipework.

With decades of experience Balmoral provides the following services:

Comprehensive range of pipework systems including stainless, carbon and coated steel, ductile iron, plastics
Design, 3D modelling and site survey
Off-site fabrication
Pipe supports and bridges
Bespoke fabrications
Mechanical installation
Skid units
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Specialist pipework

Tank pipework

Specialist pipework

The fitting of tank pipework during jack-up installation offers numerous benefits, including:

H&S risk reduction
Elimination of scaffolding
Elimination of craneage
Substantial savings to site programme
Turnkey project delivery

Following installation, tank and pipework testing is carried out as a single procedure saving on programme timings and additional sub contract requirements.

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Specialist pipework

Konaflex above ground drainage systems

Konaflex above ground drainage systems

Additionally, Servomac supplies a range of Konaflex galvanised mild steel, stainless steel and copper pipe systems for above ground drainage, service pipework, pumped, dry and wet risers, bespoke fabrication and large bore traps.



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