With the widest range of storage solutions and technical services, Balmoral Tanks can provide the most appropriate and cost effective option for your project.

Bulk storage

Used by the agriculture, food, industrial, mining and processing industries Balmoral silos are designed to suit project requirements; highly cost effective solutions can be found by enquiring at an early stage.

Balmoral Tanks’ wide range of products and accessories means you will get the tank best suited to the requirement without compromising on quality, longevity or safety.

Farming slurry

Quickly and easily erected to a wide range of sizes depending on the scale of operation, Balmoral efusion® tanks are the answer to all slurry storage challenges.

With unrivalled performance at industry-beating cost efusion epoxy coated tanks will provide many years of maintenance-free service.


Balmoral epoxy coated steel tanks are ideally suited to applications in the mining industry and are designed to meet the demands of corrosive and demanding environments.

Quickly and easily installed the efusion range offers long dependable service and is specified across the mining spectrum from high value minerals to exotic metals. The tanks are designed and constructed so that they can be dismantled and re-located if desired.

Odour suppression

Odour control systems are used by many sectors to remove unwanted odours from work and surrounding environments. Balmoral GRP sectional tanks are used extensively in the design and installation of such odour control filtration systems.

Process and industrial water storage

Tanks used to store water in the processing and industrial sectors, whether that is food and drink, desalination or utilities, must be of the highest quality and meet demanding accreditation and local standards.

Offering a range of high quality fully accredited products Balmoral can satisfy most, if not all, requirements in these wide-reaching industry sectors.

Rainwater harvesting

Helping to recycle rainwater not only saves costs but also helps prevent flooding by stopping rainfall entering the wastewater run-off system. Rainwater can be collected in commercial situations for re-use as irrigation supply or grey water throughout a building.

Sewage and industrial wastewater treatment

With the widest range of storage solutions for the sewage and industrial wastewater sectors Balmoral Tanks can provide the most appropriate and cost effective option for your project.

Water attenuation

To control the flow of storm water into the drainage system, attenuation tanks retain large volumes of water for gradual and controlled release thus preventing potentially damaging flooding and further environmental impact.

Spanning GFS, epoxy coated, steel and GRP tanks, no matter the size, Balmoral’s technical team will advise at the early stages of a project to ensure you specify the most suitable solution.

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