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What is land-based Aquaculture?

Land-based aquaculture (or fish farming) is the intense cultivation of fish in controlled, onshore environments. There are two types of land-based aquaculture: seawater and freshwater which are dependent on the type of fish that are being farmed. This is referred to as ‘species-driven aquaculture’.

Overfishing of the planet’s seas and oceans is a key driver of ecosystem collapse and biodiversity loss, and land-based marine production provides a proven alternative to current marine practices that is both bio-secure and ecologically sustainable.

To run a successful, sustainable fish farm operation, you need to ensure optimal water quality and efficient waste removal. One of the best ways to achieve this this is to invest in a quality recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) tank and technology.

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How do recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) tanks work?

RAS tanks operate by filtering water from the fish tanks so it can be recycled and reused within the tank. This significantly reduces the volume of water and amount of space required to intensively produce high quality seafood products.

The steps in RAS include solid waste removal, ammonia removal, Co2 removal and oxygenation. Biomass is therefore a by-product of the fish cultivation process, which can be recycled into fertilizer and biogas - a sustainable source of energy.

Cutting edge blutanQ technology for aquaculture tanks

Balmoral recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) tanks represent the leading edge of innovation to fish farmers around the world. Our patented blutanQ technology enables aquaculture producers to harvest more fish more efficiently, increasing yields and maximise profitability.

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Kingfish specifies Balmoral for Dutch Yellowtail farm

Why choose Balmoral for your land-based tanks?

Exceptional durability

  • blutanQ coated steel tanks and RAS solutions are built to last
  • All tank furniture — including nuts and bolts — is capped or coated to protect the substrate and avoid corrosion
  • blutanQ installations are easy to clean and disinfect, extending their useful life even further

Complete tank customisation

  • Bespoke RAS solutions for each customer, including the ability to choose colour options and size
  • Select tanks based on species, location and a variety of other factors
  • Solutions for every stage of the fish production lifecycle for a variety of species including salmon, shrimp, yellowtail, turbot and everything in between

World-leading tank manufacturer

  • We are a privately owned Scottish company steeped in engineering tradition
  • Group founder, chairman and managing director, Jim Milne CBE, is a multi-award-winning entrepreneur who started his working life on the family farm
  • Balmoral Group has an annual turnover exceeding $190m
  • Balmoral’s industry-leading experience will help you manage your aquaculture project wherever you are based or wherever your project is taking place
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Having worked closely with Balmoral during the development phases, we’ve found them very supportive and experienced in their approach to our requirements.

Sune Moeller, Head of Construction at the Kingfish Company
For details on how to add value to your RAS operations, contact Jonathan Smith

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