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The new standard in sustainability and durability for RAS tanks

Balmoral’s epoxy-coated steel tanks help leading land-based aquaculture producers accelerate production and protect their yields

Balmoral recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) tanks represent the leading edge of innovation to fish farmers around the world. Our patented blutanQ™ technology enables aquaculture producers to harvest more fish more efficiently, increasing yields and maximising profitability.

Land based aquaculture tanks

Unrivalled durability

  • blutanQ epoxy-coated steel tanks and RAS solutions are built to last
  • All tank furniture — including nuts and bolts — is capped or coated to protect the substrate and avoid corrosion
  • blutanQ installations are easy to clean and disinfect, extending their useful life even further

Complete customisation

  • Bespoke RAS solutions for each customer, including the ability to choose colour options and size
  • Select tanks based on species, location and a variety of other factors
  • Solutions for every stage of the fish production lifecycle for a variety of species including salmon, shrimp, yellowtail, turbot and everything in between

End-to-end support

  • At Balmoral, we’re committed to building long-term relationships with our clients
  • We work with you from conceptual design through completion of the project, using our solution-driven engineering approach to deliver the perfect end product
  • Our job isn’t done once your RAS solution is installed
  • We stand by our work and offer an extended warranty and regular inspections to ensure you get the most out of your investment

Cost effectiveness

  • blutanQ is a highly robust and cost efficient option
  • They’re also easier to install, enabling you to get up and running faster
  • As an experienced manufacturer with a 40-year global track record, we achieve the perfect balance between high-quality and competitive pricing

Why choose Balmoral for your land-based tanks?

  • We are a privately owned Scottish company steeped in engineering tradition
  • Group founder, chairman and managing director, Jim Milne CBE, is a multi-award-winning entrepreneur who started his working life on the family farm
  • Balmoral Group has an annual turnover exceeding $190m
  • We believe our reputation for innovation and customer service sets us apart in the market place
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For more information on how to improve your aquaculture operations with Balmoral, contact Jonathan Smith.


Sales Director, UK