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Balmoral water tanks are used in many of the world’s most prestigious construction projects. The company’s potable, grey, rainwater and fire fighting sprinkler system water tanks are relied upon to provide a safe, clean and reliable water source on a global basis.

Offering a wide range of project-specific options including GFS, epoxy-coated and GRP to bolted steel cylindrical tanks, Balmoral brings an unrivalled level of experience to the water storage sector.

Fully accredited products, designed and supported by the best people in the business, mean that you can specify and install a Balmoral tank with confidence at highly competitive global rates.

Accessories and ancillaries

Pipework configuration

The inlet or delivery pipe can enter the tank through either the side wall at the top of the tank or into a raised chamber. Flow can be controlled through a ball valve, equilibrium float valve or automatic float switch.

Overflows should be positioned in accordance with the required air gap, and all outlets (suction), drains and overflows will come through the side walls of the tanks.

Overflows and warning pipes terminate at high level, horizontally, and can be extended to the floor if required.

Low level access panels

The low level access panel was introduced by Balmoral Tanks to address confined space issues. Essentially, when a tank is being constructed onsite, it will ultimately become a confined space as the installation team completes the build.

Pipe connections

Customers are asked to provide full details when ordering. The type of pipe connection should be specified together with the relevant standard to which the coupling flanges are drilled or the pipes screwed. To assist delivery, the size and position of each connection should also be specified at the time of ordering. Ball and gate valves and all pipework, including bends and flanges, can be supplied if specified at the time of ordering.

Connections can be supplied as flanged stools to BS4504, ASA or DIN standards, or, for small pipework, screwed sockets to BS1387. The connections are fitted to the plates in positions agreed at the time of order.

Ball Float Valve

These are installed at the end of the incoming water supply pipe and automatically keep the tank full.

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