How can Biogas transform US agriculture

Commentary - January 2022

How can Biogas transform US agriculture?


In 2019, World Biogas Association President David Newman said:

“The need for urgent action is clear to all; Governments alone cannot resolve the climate change emergency, they need help. The biogas industry can offer technologies and the mobilisation of huge financial resources to help reduce global GHG emissions by 12% within a decade.”

Biogas is the future for renewable biomass energy

Biogas technology captures emissions from organic wastes and turns them into energy for diverse end-uses such as electricity and biomethane for heat and transport. Biogas production also generates environmentally friendly solutions for soil fertilisation. The industry can therefore help to speed up the shift away from fossil fuels towards a zero-carbon economy and a sustainable agriculture.

So why is only a tiny percentage of the feedstock available globally to produce biogas, captured and recycled? And with so much organic waste being produced by the US agriculture industry, isn’t it time American farmers started becoming net producers of clean biogas energy, and catch up with their European counterparts?

Generate free energy for you. Sell the surplus. Help save the planet.

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