Balmoral TanQ branding makes it s mark

Commentary - May 2022

Balmoral ‘tanQ’ brand names make their mark


As our products evolve and our market reach expands, we have introduced a series of brand names to reflect the markets we serve.

Established product brands including firetanQ® (fire sprinkler tanks), blutanQ® (aquaculture) are already in use but we have recently added others to the ‘tanQ’ range.

These are digestanQ™, watertanQ™, protanQ™ and grotanQ® which relate to the anaerobic digestion, water, wastewater processing and fertiliser storage markets respectively.

Our product portfolio is, we think, the widest available from a single tank design and manufacturing company and includes epoxy and glass coated tanks, GRP and bolted steel sectional tanks as well as related accessory and installation services.

Managing director, Allan Joyce, said: “Our key differentiator is service and we want to make working with Balmoral Tanks as easy as possible.

“With such a wide variety of tanks that can be used across a range of sectors we felt it would make sense to give our products a brand name that is immediately recognisable for clients working in particular industries.

“So, if you work in the anaerobic digestion sector for example, you would be looking for a ‘digestanQ’ which could be manufactured either as an epoxy or glass coated product.

Similarly, for the wastewater processing sector, you would choose a ‘protanQ’.

“We are always happy to advise on which product we believe is the optimum for your project.

“I hope that the tanQ mark will become part of the industry vocabulary in years to come and that the product branding will be recognised as a symbol of quality and service whichever industry it is being deployed in.”

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