The benefits of epoxy coated steel tanks

Commentary - May 2022

Epoxy coated steel tank options


We understand the myriad choices available when you’re in the market for coated steel tanks. We manufacture both epoxy and glass coated tanks and outline here the benefits of our epoxy coated range.

efusion® is the brand name for our proprietary epoxy coating and, as a leading tank design and manufacturing company, we developed two grades which are used worldwide:

  • efusion: a 1100v zero defect tested epoxy coating
  • efusion 1500: a 1500v zero defect tested epoxy coating

efusion is tested to stringent standards, is NSF®-61 approved and provides comparable performance against the following internationally recognised coating requirements:

  • ISO 28765:2016
  • AWWA D103-19

High-performance efusion 1500 meets the European standard for chemical storage tanks. It is capable of withstanding 5000ppm of corrosive H2SO4 sulphides created during the digestion process.

Design life

With value engineering at the heart of material selection, efusion meets all necessary design life expectations. Key factors in achieving optimum product performance begin with the design and manufacturing process, running right through to installation. Retaining in-house control and quality in each of those critical areas is vital in ensuring consistent high levels of performance of any coated steel tank.

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